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Our Story

My name is Brett Hawes. I’m a functional medicine practitioner and clinical nutritionist living in Uxbridge, Canada. I’m passionate about Mind, Body, Spirit health, and helping others to live the best life possible using the power of natural and holistic medicine. I've been immersed in this field since 2004 and have helped 1000's of clients and practitioners over the years. Today, I’m building my Holistic Health Masterclass Community to connect health nuts just like you to inspiration, motivation and tried and tested solutions that will improve the health of you and your family - from my podcast and blog to online programs and products, I just know you're going to love it!

Why You Should Join Us

Get access to exclusive content and health education that has been synthesized from years of training, educating and practice. Join a diverse community of health and wellness fanatics who are passionate about nutrition, Spirituality, mental/emotional health and natural medicine. Meet people who live in your area, attend our exclusive online events and access programs and trainings that can only be found here. 

If you are tired of the noise and clutter on other social media platforms, you will find a breath of fresh air here in our Holistic Health Masterclass Community. No annoying ads, pictures of 'friends' cats eating breakfast (as much as we love cats!) or other irrelevant posts gunking up your news feed. 

A BIG Thank You!

There is strength in diversity. As much as you will learn to improve and maintain your health by learning from other members; they too will learn from you as you share your experiences. Thank you for being here and contributing to this community.

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